Express yourself with a variety of perfumes to cater to your ever-changing whimsy, you will find pure joy in these handcrafted little lovelies.

  • A bold, sweet fragrance that sings with warm honeysuckle in perfect harmony with the sultry notes of a garden rose. Heady and radiant, this scent dances with femininity to give you a beautiful fragrance. Volume: 0.33 oz./10 ml
  • A touch of romance and passion in a bottle. Our number 2 is soft, sweet, and simply lovely. A floral-fresh blend with just a hint of musk, this girly-girl fragrance is delicate and elegant. Volume: 0.33 oz./10 ml
  • Distinctive and earthy, yet floral in its composition. Our number 3 is a gentle blend of the soothing scents of jasmine, balanced by rose and magnolia. A pretty fragrance if you enjoy the alluring scent of jasmine. Volume: 0.33 oz./10 ml
  • This deep sweet scent is a savory blend of vanilla and tuberose that rolls-on smooth, and adds sensual warmth to your mind, body and spirit. An excellent choice for layering with your favorite vanilla scented lotion. Simply yummy. Volume: 0.33 oz./10 ml
  • A delightfully delicate blend, this fragrance gives a splash of citrus, balanced by warm undertones of musk. This expressive fragrance is bright and crisp - you'll be ready to take on the day, or night. Volume: 0.33 oz./10 ml
  • This joyful fragrance will make you want to grab your bathing suit and head to paradise. The rich tropical blend of this scent evokes feelings of summer, and beckons you poolside any time of the year. Volume: 0.33 oz./10 ml
  • Confident. Modern. Ultra feminine. Our signature number 7 is sweet and self-assured. Sharply contemporary, this beautiful fragrance is a perfect choice for the softer side of the modern woman. Go ahead - express your inner girl power! Volume: 0.33 oz./10 ml
  • Love them all? Indulge in all seven (7) perfumes. Our fragrance portfolio will give you the opportunity to fragrantly express yourself differently everyday. And, with the convenience of travel-size bottles, you can pack these yummy scents with you while you're on the run - you go, girl!
  • Can’t decide? Totally fine – try a sampler pouch! Each pouch will have seven (7) individually packaged 1ml bottle of each fragrance. With the choice of seven yummy scents, you’re bound to pick your fave. One 1ml sample will yield about 3 to 4 wears.